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[HANASHIR:15173] New song by Cantor Richard Kaplan

Hi Everyone -
Thought you might like to know of an interesting song by Cantor Richard 
Kaplan called Kinah Lekhurban Gan Eden (Lament on the Destruction of the Earth) 
from his new CD, Life of the Worlds: Journeys in Jewish Sacred Music.
It's based on kinot (lament tunes) for the festival of Tisha b'Av, and mourns 
for our larger Temple. When reading one of the traditional lament texts, he 
saw that the First Temple in Jerusalem was singing in the "first person." He 
thought, "what an incredible idea." And then went on to have Gaia sing in the 
"first person" in his "eco-lament" (a genre-title he invented for this piece).
It has a very moving choral refrain "lamenting Her Temple, so wounded," and 
at the end, "Mending this Temple, our Eden."
Richard sang it for 3 thousand people two Earth Days ago at Grace Cathedral, 
San Francisco, with representatives of all major religions in attendance. 
Though Tisha B'av has passed you might file away this song for next year or 
for use at any ecology type events.
Hope all goes well for you as summer is winding down. 
Randee Friedman
 Sounds Write Productions, Inc.

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