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[HANASHIR:9573] Re: Ashamnu text

Hi Rachelle and all who are interested,
    The Gates of Repentance tries to make an English alphabetical
acrostic, just like the Hebrew, which is a wonderful  English poetical
coup, but, it doesn't accurately translate the Hebrew word for word.
Here is the exact translation, word for word:
Ashamnu-we have tresspassed
Bagadnu- we have dealt treaturously
gazalnu-we have robbed
Dibarnu dofi- we have spoken slander
heevinu- we have acted perversly
v'hirshanu-we have done wrong
zadnu- we have acted presumptuously
hamasnu- we have done violence
tafalnu sheker- we have practiced deceit
yaatsnu ra- we have counseled evil
kizavnu- we have spoken falsehood
latsnu- we have scoffed
maradnu-we have revolted
niatsnu-we have blasphemed
sararnu-we have rebelled
avinu- we have committed iniquety
pashanu-we have transgressed
tsararnu-we have opressed
kishinu oref-we have been stiff necked
rashanu- we have acted wickedly
shichatnu- we have dealt corruptly
tiavnu-we have committed abomination
tainu- we have gone astray
titanu- we have led others astray

I hope this helps,
Shanah Tova

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